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New Times: Pontet Paints with His Feet at Hollywood's ArtWalk


(...) Pontet, who is not handicapped or missing limbs, does his impulse painting in front of an audience and with live musicians. Unlike Pollock, Pontet generally creates a representational image that is clearly identifiable, though with its share of drips and splotches (...)


Broward/Palm Bch. 

June 2016





Hallandale Beach H90: Pontet's interview

Renowned Artist Daniel Pontet took part in the H90 ceremony & performed a live Impulse Art. His art is the City of Hallandale Beach's Hallandale Happening's Cover Artwork and honors the City for its 90 inspiring years. 

Hallandale, FL Nov 2017.

PRESS: Videos

Visiting Pontet's art Studio. Mini-Documentary


Sharing a little moment of artist Daniel Pontet's magical world, passion, and dreams at his Art Studio in Hollywood, FL, surrounded by canvases, paint, and brushes.

MiniDoc by Andres Ortiz


Hollywood, FL 2018

Univision 23 (TV): The Artist Who Draw at the Federal Courts Also Paint with his Feet for Pleasure.


(...)  His passion transcends these spaces and leads him to dance on canvases to create unimaginable works.

Interview (Spanish) by 

Mario Vallejo (Noticias 23)

Miami, FL January 2018

Mega TV: Less Than Two Minutes Speed Painting


Impulse Art Experience at 'Charitin & Felipe, The Show' Inspired by the music of masters: Roberto Perera (harp), Federico Britos (violin), and Rafael Solano (percussion).

Interview (Spanish) by 

Charitin Goyco & Felipe Viel

Miami, FL Oct 2013

Emily Meyers & Khami Auerbach's MINIDOC

Performing Artist Daniel Pontet being interviewed at his Art Studio in Hollywood FL. Mini Documentary produced -recorded and edited- by Emily Meyers and Khami Auerbach.  

Hollywood, FL January 2017